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Portugal Desk

The Portugal Desk department is managed by Advocate Dr. Anna Szermach, who serves as the Regional Representative of the Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (PPCC) in Lower Silesia.

Our primary objective is to ensure that the cultural, linguistic, and legal differences between Poland and Portugal do not impede our clients’ objectives.

Within the framework of Portugal Desk, we provide comprehensive legal assistance to Portuguese entrepreneurs seeking to initiate business ventures or investments in Poland, as well as to those already operating within the Polish market.

Additionally, we offer legal counsel to Polish entrepreneurs engaged in, or intending to engage in, commercial activities and transactions in the Portuguese market.

Through our extensive network and international partnerships, our Portugal Desk offers professional advice to Polish clients—both businesses and individuals—on their investments in Portugal and other Portuguese-speaking countries.

Operating in close collaboration with the Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw, our Portugal Desk serves as a hub for investors with Portuguese capital in Poland and represents Polish entrepreneurs venturing into the Portuguese market.

Our legal advisory services in Portugal encompass a range of areas, including real estate acquisitions, company formations, and the establishment of branch offices.